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Reiki is the beautiful gift of Universal Life Force Energy. For wellness. For healing. For stress-reduction. For personal transformation. For facilitating an openness to receiving insight and guidance. And for many other purposes. Reiki can only do good, and in order to appreciate and begin to understand it, it must be experienced.  


Universal Life Force Energy is present in all things organic and inorganic in our world. It is very similar to molecular and electromagnetic vibrations. In a Reiki session, Peter taps into this energy source and becomes a conduit for this energy to run simultaneously to and through ...

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What is Anu Arjuna Reiki?

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Anu Arjuna Reiki

Peter has been a Reiki practitioner since 2011, having studied Usui Reiki Ryoho with master teachers Linda Alderman at Stanford University, Terry Attwood of A Temple Space in San Carlos, California, and Shellee Rae of Absoulute Health/Rae of Light Ministries (a branch of the Oklevueha Native American Church). He has also received shamanic training from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, trained in Vortex® Divine Energy Healing, and he studied and practiced the Blue Body® Healing discipline at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. Peter is also a spiritual explorer and performing artist...

Meet Soul Unique's founder, Peter, a Reiki Master, intuitive, spiritual facilitator, artist, and multidimensional explorer.

Wellness, healing, stress-reduction, and personal transformation through Universal Life Force Energy.

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"...The energy radiating from his hands is so significant, that I feel it immediately as a soothing warm flow. When he works with you, his intention to be a positive channel for good is obvious and he becomes a conduit for powerful life force energy. After a session, I am pain-free, feeling almost blissful. Peter has been a blessing in my life!" – Mary Cummings, Mountain View


"If the warmth and power flowing from Peter’s hands isn’t enough to convince you he’s a true master, the results of a session with him will." – Patrick Prohaska, Palm Desert

Words from those who have received sessions with Peter...