“Surrender does not transform what is, at least not directly. Surrender transforms you. When you are transformed, your whole world is transformed because the world is only a reflection.”
– Eckhart Tolle

The following is a “channeled writing” that I received at a time when I was feeling deeply lost and confused in my general direction in life, and was often wrestling with negative thoughts and emotions that I blamed on the external circumstances in my life at the time. I hope you’ll find it as helpful as it has been for me. [For more information about my channeled writings, see the end of this post.]

We’re here for you, with you, always

We’re here listening to your every thought in vibrational form. We know you’re feeling challenged right now to be who you want to be and to feel how you want to feel. But just let it be. Giving in to it is not the same as giving it control over you. It doesn’t work that way.

Give in to your thoughts and feelings. Your resistance to them is what makes them stronger, for not only are you having the thoughts, but you are then stopping and focusing intently on the thoughts you’ve just had, which is like thinking them twice, or more in many cases. It’s like you’re regurgitating and reconfirming them every time you mull them over. That doesn’t bring clarity, it just builds more resistance, and that is where you’re having trouble. Resistance just empowers your cycle of negative thoughts and feelings, and gives them more momentum.

You’ve got to feel it to heal it

Just let them be. Pushing against where you are is not going to get you where you want to go. We know it seems like if you stop resisting then your negative thoughts and feelings will just run rampant and completely take over, but that’s not the case.

When you let go and just allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, then you are actually stepping away or stepping back from your thoughts and the feelings that are attached to them, making yourself the observer of them instead of their victim. This puts you on the right track to clarity and the ability to release yourself from the negative spiral in which you’re currently embroiled.

You are not your thoughts

You are so much more than your thoughts. This is one reason why meditation – which is essentially about stopping or at least stepping back from your ongoing stream of thoughts – can be so deeply beneficial and can reconnect you with your true source, which is who you really are.

You have a negative momentum going in your body right now, in your vibration. But you know you can let it go. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. What is it? It is resistance to what is. That’s all it is.

You don’t need to know why

You do this funny thing where you want to know specifically why you are feeling negativity, so you try to identify reasons for it. What are some of the reasons you’ve come up with? Loneliness, feeling trapped, not enjoying your job, having to deal with difficult people, etc. But those are never the real reasons for your negativity, they are simply the symptoms and results of your negativity.

For, if you weren’t feeling negative, those negative interpretations would not exist, regardless of the circumstances. And you say, “But wait, isn’t it the other way around? Isn’t it those things and experiences that are causing my negativity?” And we say no, that is never the case. It’s easy to see how it could appear that way, but that is not the answer.

The blame game has no winners

For, negativity is merely the indicator that you are not in alignment with your highest, truest self. And when you’re not in alignment with who you really are, everything looks askew, and everything is potentially to blame for your negative-feeling state, whether it’s the driver in front of you on the road, or it’s some little thing at the office, or it’s someone treating you a certain way that you interpret as negative … the list goes on and on.

You can keep citing those things and experiences as the causes of your unhappiness and negativity, and if you do, you’ll only find more and more of them to fill your need for excuses and for claiming that the causes of your unhappiness are things outside of you that are beyond your control (never the case!) (and, how disempowering!).

Or, you can realize the real truth: that the negativity is simply because, at every turn:

  1. not only are you resisting what is, which only gives it more power, but also
  2. you are resisting seeing what your highest self sees as a perfect opportunity for transformation, learning, and evolution, not only for yourself but potentially for all others involved in the situation.

You have the power within you right now to turn this around. Stop looking for things to blame that are outside of you as explanations for your feeling down. They are not the culprits, and as long as you keep blaming them, you render yourself utterly powerless to make the change in your attitude and vibration that you desire.

Releasing resistance creates opportunity where before there was none

Surrender. Release your resistance to everything. Resistance just keeps it in your experience, and keeps your negative viewpoint of it alive and kicking.

Releasing of resistance opens up new doors and windows of possibility that you likely never dreamed of. It opens up new perspectives about the very things and experiences that you were previously using as excuses for your unhappiness, and can turn them into joyous, glorious opportunities.

Getting a handle on your own vibration

Don’t feel bad for where you’ve been. This is your life’s work! Or at least a very significant part of it. One of the important reasons you’re here, in this life, is so that you may learn and realize how to get a handle on controlling your own vibration. But, “controlling” isn’t really the right word. Your language doesn’t really have the right word for this. For, “controlling” has an element of resistance attached to it as though you are manipulating that which you don’t like into that which you do like. But that isn’t really what it is about, is it?

The real you shines through

It’s about releasing resistance, and gaining not “control,” but an open channel to being who you really are, to allowing the true, real, pure essence of who you really are to flow through you. It may not be easy in the early stages of implementing this guidance, but it is simple. And basic. For it is the core of the real you.

The only way to have control is to release control

So the only way to have control (if control means transforming something so that it manifests or outcomes in the way you would like it to, which would make you feel good) is to release control. That’s the only solution. Release control. Release resistance. Surrender. Allow.

You are loved, valued, and cherished. Nothing has gone wrong. All is truly well.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

About my channeled writing

With my previous blog post (4/21/18), I quietly introduced my “channeled writing.” Now I’ll make it official. I have secretly been doing what I call “channeled writing” for more than 20 years. It has always brought me keen, rich, and helpful insights into my various life experiences, issues, questions, and problems.

Where are these channeled writings coming from? Well, truth be told, figuring that out eluded me for a long time. However, with the deepening multidimensional-spiritual work I’ve been doing for the last 5 years or so, it is becoming clearer and clearer. The only way I can describe it is to say that the information that pours through in these writings comes from what I perceive to be a group of benevolent, advanced beings or intelligences. These could be called guides, teachers, or masters. And they communicate with and through my “higher self” to me.

At one time, I called them my “High Five,” but I’ve since come to realize that there are many more than five of them. They communicate essentially as one voice, but when I’m receiving this information, I get the clear sense that I’m connecting with more than one intelligence.

Their guidance and insights are always loving, bright, generous, and get right to the heart of the matter. And often once the channel is open, it feels like I could just write forever from this constant stream of benevolent information. What comes through doesn’t always translate into perfect grammar and sentence structure, and sometimes I am inspired (by these intelligences) to make up words or use words differently than we standardly use them.

The information that comes through is often surprising to me and often challenges my own sense of perspective or what I may think might be the correct way to approach an issue at the time. This is just one of many indicators that the information is clearly not sourced from inside of myself. It’s coming through me, but it’s not from me.

Thanks for reading.