How do you re-start your blog after leaving it behind for far too long?! Well, what else can be done other than just start writing again? I’ve been remiss in not keeping up with blogging here since last July. I’ve let it get away from me.

When I started here with my beloved and newly born Soul Unique website, I was ready to roll, and I enjoyed letting the writing flow as it unfolded. It was exciting. I felt driven. But life has a way of “life-ing” and I’ve been rolling with it. That’s how it goes. 

With this relaunch, I’m letting go of the rules. The hunt for the perfect keywords. The word-count expectations. The pressure to follow SEO parameters. The push for optimum frequency. The drive to be perfect. The need to be liked. The fear of being judged.

From here on, my goal for this blog is to be coloring outside the lines now and then, or frequently. To write what I want to write, when I want to write it. No pressure for weekly posts. Perhaps a monthly post will do, ideally no less frequently than that. 

I may even bring in a guest blogger now and then. Or two or three. 

Perhaps the key to keeping this up is in loosening the requirements. 

So, here goes. Soul Unique Transformation Blog, your creator is back! 

Readers, if you were here before and you’ve come back again, my apologies for my absence. Thank you for coming back. 

[Photo by Leah Kelley]