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Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Soul Unique aims to be a portal of inspiration and information on the path of personal and planetary transformation. Whoa. Planetary transformation? Yeah, that’s a big nut to crack. But it’s happening. Our little corner of the universe is aching for it to happen. And the only way it can fully unfold is when individual, personal transformation happens, one person at a time. That’s where you come in.

There is a path of personal transformation awaiting you. In fact, you’re already on it. That’s what life does, even when you’re not looking. The question is, are you on it consciously, or are you just riding the waves? When you’re consciously navigating your own path, your inner world and your outer world can unfold and transform in astonishing ways that you may have never dreamed possible.

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Where’s the Proof of Mystical Experiences?

Where’s the Proof of Mystical Experiences?

Mystical events. Visions. Transcendental experiences. Awakenings. Illuminations. Messages from beyond. Inspirations. Altered states of consciousness. Out-of-body experiences. Near-death experiences. Experiences of oneness with the divine, with the universe, with all that is. The realm of the unseen, beyond the physical world.

How to discern true, inner guidance from ego

How to discern true, inner guidance from ego

“The hardest thing to listen to — your instincts, your human personal intuition — always whispers; it never shouts. Very hard to hear. So you have to, every day of your life, be ready to hear what whispers in your ear.” – Steven Spielberg

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Quest: Inspiration for personal and planetary transformation.

The writings and information shared in this site aren’t necessarily intended for everyone. If they resonate with you and feel in alignment with your own inner knowing, wonderings, and explorations, beautiful! I hope you’ll join me for this journey. If they don’t resonate with you, that’s fine too, and I appreciate your stopping by.