“The hardest thing to listen to — your instincts, your human personal intuition — always whispers; it never shouts. Very hard to hear. So you have to, every day of your life, be ready to hear what whispers in your ear.” – Steven Spielberg

Who to listen to?

We’ve all been there. Stuck in making a decision. Choosing where to go next, what to do. Wrestling around with our lists of pros and cons.

Listening to our family and friends and co-workers tell us what they think we should do. Getting confused. Staying stuck.

Becoming desperate for a good answer, for a truthful, grounded choice that comes from our inner being, our inner knowing of what is best for us, what’s right for our path, and what will keep us on the road to fulfilling our purpose for being here.

We could be challenged to make big, life-changing choices or small ones. It doesn’t matter.

I used to wrestle with this, and still do on occasion: which voice do I listen to? And then one day I stumbled on it. I found it.

I call it my “one quiet voice.” It’s the one to listen to.

If we’re feeling stuck, we’re probably not listening to the right voice.

When we stop listening to the dictates of the outer world in the form of media, politicians, authority figures, parents, siblings, friends, peers, bosses, employers, co-workers, etc., and we stop listening to our ego’s interpretations of what it thinks all of those people are saying and requiring of us, and we stop listening to what the ego wants us to do in order to bolster itself by trying to please all of those people, or we just stop listening to our ego, plain and simple, then we might be able to hear our one quiet voice.

That one quiet, true voice is the only voice that ever has given real, worthwhile guidance.

And that is guidance that is coming from our core, inner being, our inner awareness, our highest self, in line with the intentions we set forth for this life before we arrived.

Stop listening. Start feeling.

How do we know which of this myriad of voices to listen to? Simple: by how it feels.

  • Does it feel urgent and tense? That’s not our one quiet voice.
  • Does it feel boasting and prideful and self-aggrandizing? That’s not our one quiet voice.
  • Does it feel competitive and self-proving? That’s not our one quiet voice.
  • Does it feel sad and small and weak? That’s not our one quiet voice.
  • Does it feel angry and pushy and insistent? That’s not our one quiet voice.
  • Does it feel tired and lethargic or bored? That’s not our one quiet voice.

Getting the picture?

We often listen to the voices we hear that feel like this (above) and think that they are the voices of our inner guidance and knowing, prodding us on to something, or sounding exasperated with us for not doing something or not getting something right, or for not achieving something, or for not being good enough, or for not doing what we “should” do.

But none of these voices are our real selves!

None of these voices are our one quiet voice. How do we know this? By how they feel.

For, our one quiet voice will never feel “negative” or mean. It will never tell us we’re wrong in the effort to make us feel bad. It will never scold us or push us or make us feel less than worthy. Those are all the voices of our ego, our “little me” self, that is constantly fed and inspired by the dictates of the outer world and how it presents itself.

But isn’t the ego’s input worthwhile, too?

In response to all of the above, you might say, “But if I don’t listen to those voices, I’ll never get anywhere, I’ll never accomplish anything!” Rubbish!

If you will listen first to how it feels, and thereby know how to listen to your one quiet voice and follow its loving, wise, and all-knowing, all-seeing guidance, you’ll get where you want to go without pain, without confusion, and without judgment.

But truly listening to your one quiet voice will likely also bring great clarity which may change where it is you want to go.

It may surprise you and tell you something you’re not prepared to hear. It can change everything, and if you can listen to it consistently, it will put you more on your path, your true path, than you have ever experienced before.

Navigate your true path

You’ll be on your path, not the path that your ego thinks is dictated to you by what you observe in, and are told by, the world outside of you. Allowing your path to be dictated by that outer world is how, from within our here-and-now perspective, our world has gone so far off track. If it has gone off track, it has done so by the misguided, ego-driven personality that bases its worth on the accomplishments and dictates of this outer world.

But, for the most part, the way this outer world presents itself, manifests, and continues to unfold and grow is based in and on the collective creation of a mass, ego-dominated consciousness. It’s a vicious circle that perpetuates itself.

“Confusion arises when we try to ignore inner guidance.” – Ellen Grace O’Brian

Step out of the circle of illusion

How do you remove yourself from this circle of egoic illusion, and return to your own true path? By knowing how to feel, hear, and listen to your one quiet voice.

The voice that is always there in the background, waiting patiently, never asserting or forcing itself, always there and ready to guide you, when you are ready, back to your true self and your true intentions, your true path.

How does your one quiet voice feel? It feels peaceful, all-knowing, simple, loving, kind, generous, quietly confident, serene, content, patient, wise, and it will often offer you a perspective that is unlike any you ever considered before, if you are willing to hear it.

This is the voice, the awareness that brings you to those “aha” moments if you will simply allow it in.

“You may trust your inner guidance, for it comes forth from that broader, wiser part of yourself that has the advantage of knowledge that is accumulated from thousands of lifetimes, both physical and non-physical.” – Abraham-Hicks

Step back and observe

One of the best ways to hear your one quiet voice is through meditation.

One of the general goals of meditation is to quiet the mind, the ego-driven mind. But if you can’t quiet the mind, that’s okay too.

Just sit with it. Observe it.

Recognize that you are listening to that ego voice, not creating it. It is, in essence, separate from you. You may have become used to allowing it to run your life for a long time, so it may take a while for you to discern it.

It’s a constant thought-mill, and it wants you to believe that every thought it generates is important and needs your attention.

Once you notice this, you can step back and observe it without judgment.

Just let it do its thing while you watch those ego-generated thoughts drift by. Don’t even try to push them away; that’s giving them too much of your attention.

Once you are beginning to do this, you will, at some point, find a peacefulness enveloping you. If it doesn’t happen right away or even in your first meditation session (or second or third or beyond), that’s okay. Stick with it. It will come. And then you’ll know. You’ll know where and how to listen for your one quiet voice. The true you. Your true, inner knowing. It feels good. Really good.

Just stop listening (to the ego), and start feeling. And when you know by how it feels that you are listening to your truest inner voice, your inner space of true awareness, not your ego, then you can know and receive its expert guidance.