The universe is completely benevolent. It has your back.

It may not look that way from within the frame of reference in which you’re currently living, in fact from within that framework on the world stage, it looks downright scary. Especially if you’re paying attention to the mass media that is, by and large, only reporting and focused on spotlighting the worst of the worst. 

It’s easy to get lost in all of it. 

Everything is happening within the context of greater awareness

What is greater awareness? It’s the knowingness – which all have access to – that there is so much more to existence than just the nitty gritty of your every day, physically-focused life. 

That, indeed, you exist in a continuum of creation and experience that is happening at many levels of experience and perspective, and this “world,” as you call it, is just one of them.

Though it may not appear as such, you exist in the arms of a benevolent, loving, intelligent universe, and all that happens within that framework is simply a vehicle for experience, understanding, and your own individual evolution, as well as the collective evolution of all beings, all points of consciousness. 

Indeed, from the broadest perspective – which is the ultimate truth, ultimate reality – nothing can go wrong. It’s all experience and exploration with the intention of evolution and remembering, returning to that which you truly are: whole, perfect, loved, beautiful, full and complete.

The universe is a great continuum of experience, nothing more and nothing less

From within the framework in which you currently find yourself, you can choose to focus on what appears to be going wrong – or on who you think has got it all wrong and needs to be punished – and your world and your experience of it will take shape within that context. 

Or you can see your part in this great play of experience from the broader and more accurate perspective that all is happening with great purpose, indeed benevolent purpose, and that perspective, ultimately, is the only one that really matters. 

For, seeing the world and your experience of it from that perspective is the only perspective that can actually take you in the direction of where you want to go. It’s also the only perspective that will bring about any real, lasting, positive change. 

This perspective knows that you have no enemies, that, indeed every being, every focuser of his/her own individual consciousness comes from the same source that you come from, and you all have come forth to play this glorious game of “experiencers” experiencing all the facets of existence. 

You wanted to be here

Yes, this is why you may have heard that many, many souls wanted (and want) to be here in the physically focused world, during this window of time in the physically-manifested world full of great upheaval, great change, great contrast. Because, from the broader perspective of experiencers experiencing, this is a very exciting place to be. 

It’s not a fight of good over evil, or even right over wrong. It may appear to be so from within your current framework. But that’s why now it is so important that you embrace a broader perspective from which you can see the truth of it all. 

Indeed, that’s one of the many reasons you came forth into this world: so you could be inspired, from within your current physically-focused vantage point, to embrace a broader perspective that would allow your higher knowledge of who and what you truly are into your physically-focused experience. This is what “waking up” is.

That is a great gift, a profoundly great gift. The gift of having an experience while in a physical body that is so compelling, so in-your-face, so jarring, so shaky-grounded, that you would finally turn to the only place you can find a viable, workable, real answer. And that answer is simply the opening up to who and what you truly are: a point of consciousness that has existed long before you came into this body and will exist long after. 

A playground for experience

This physical world is but a playground for experience, where light is not the only “player” or playing field, but its opposite (the lack of light) is playing along, too. And it (the lack of light) is playing along as though it is real, but it’s really just an illusion. For, the lack of something can’t have its own power or directive. It’s merely the absence – the void – of what truly is. 

You experiencers playing this game are so capable and powerful, that even though you are actually creations of and from light (which, ultimately, is all there is), you can actually come forth and play with light’s absence (darkness) as though it were a real “thing” or “tool” of creation unto itself. And from within your world of intentionally created duality, indeed, it does appear that way – that “darkness” and all that might appear to be manifested out of it are real. So be it. This is what you asked for. This is what you came for. And so it is.

Does this mean you should just stick your head in the sand?

You are living in one of the most glorious displays of duality in action that has ever existed within this realm of existence, this corner of the universe, certainly on this planet. But see it from broader perspective, from the knowing that, ultimately, all is well. That nothing has gone wrong and that nothing can go wrong.

Does this mean you “stick your head in the sand” while you’re here in the physical world, and ignore what’s going on around you? That you ignore suffering, oppression, and other “wrong-doings?” Absolutely not. It means you approach all that is going on from within this broader perspective. This is the only perspective within which, and from which, your efforts can and will have any real, lasting, positive impact.

The truth may be difficult to grasp

When you see that, ultimately, your enemy is not your enemy, and so you can look that person in the eye, and love that soul despite your differences, now you’re solidly going in the direction of understanding, cooperation, seeing eye to eye, respecting each other’s differences, and recognizing each other’s inherent value, so that you can – yes, even within this framework of duality – come to a place of harmony, or at least being able to begin taking significant steps in that direction.

[Author’s note: An excellent example of this is personified in this TedNYC Talk by Megan-Phelps Roper, who grew up in (but has since left behind) the controversial Westboro Baptist Church, an organization known for exalting in demonizing anyone they feel has got it “wrong.” And they believe they are doing the “right thing.”]

You question whether or not that is even possible, and we say, “Of course it is!” It may not happen today, or even tomorrow, but it is possible today and tomorrow and beyond. The question is, where are you in all of this? And from what perspective are you seeing and experiencing all of it? 

If it’s the perspective of seeing enemies and of resistance and imagining the “fight of good and evil” to be real, you’re not going to get very far, other than making your experience within that perspective more and more real, more and more justifiable, more painful, more righteous, more difficult, more heartbreaking, more deadly, more full of conflict and strife and confusion. But you don’t have to live this way any longer. It’s your choice.

Oh and, by the way, death is not real, either. So your fears about death being the ultimate loss, the ultimate failure, are unfounded in ultimate reality as well. What you call “death” is not an ending but a beginning. It is the beautiful, breathtaking return to that which you really are. But we’ll save that discussion for another time. 

All is truly well

For now know that, ultimately, all is truly well. The universe, your universe, has your back. And the more you can live your life from this knowing, the better your experience of your life will become. 

It’s all about embracing a broader perspective of who and what you are and why you’re here. And also of “who and what” the world is, and why it is here. 

The great play of existence. And of experiencers experiencing. 

The truth is so much simpler than you often allow yourself to see.

[This is a channeled writing.]