Our true colors come shining through

We’re living in a time in which the vibrational state of our world and the restlessness of the collective consciousness are meshing together in a way that hasn’t really happened before.

This confluence of energetic states is acting as a great catalyst, awakening and exposing the innermost mental-emotional (and, in some cases, spiritual) nature of people in all walks of life. And, even those who might wish to cover up their inner nature and keep it from being exposed are, for the most part, unable to do so.

Using our most readily available resources

It’s observably obvious in our governmental bodies, our political leaders, our celebrities, even in the people we work with, our families, our friends.

When there is turmoil or excitement, unrest or great awakening, it tends to push people to their edge.

Great light can bring with it great shadow. And great darkness can bring with it stalwart search for clarity, for light. And with all of this, we are compelled to use our most innate abilities for coping, for navigation, for lighting the way. We automatically fall back on our most readily available inner resources for managing whatever we’re going through.

For some, this means calling on our deepest knowledge of harmony, of inner peace, of love and compassion, and using that as a basis for how we interact with ourselves, with those around us, with the world.

For others, if we’re lacking those qualities or the ability to reach them, we fall back on responses that are rooted in fear or lack, and our way of being in the world becomes harsh, over-critical, self-serving, maybe even violent.

Bringing out our best and our worst

In a way, the current state of the world we’re in is akin to a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tornado.

As a result of its real and potential destruction, some people are inspired to step up to the plate, and turn to compassion and love and acts of great bravery, kindness, and heroism in the face of insurmountable odds; it brings out the best in them that is ready to shine.

In others, it brings out their worst, their darker side that was perhaps lurking and needing to be brought to the light. They turn to looting and blaming and lashing out and competition for resources. Their dysfunctionality and their innate fears are exposed and screaming for healing.

The disaster is an unexpected, distressing catalyst for tumultuous change, but ultimately, if we can keep our eyes focused on a broader perspective, it can bring about positive transformation as a result of all that has been brought to the surface.

Exposure breeds awareness

We see it everywhere. It’s in our homes and communities. It’s observable in interactions between unsuspecting citizens in public places. It’s observable every day in our diametrically opposed governmental factions. It’s all too apparent on Twitter, on Facebook, and in every other form of media, social or otherwise. It’s something of an epidemic. But it’s an epidemic with great purpose.

Sustainable cooperation

In all of this, we’re being called to awaken our best selves. We’re being called to create sustainable solutions to our conflicts, not just temporary bandages on our wounds, not suppression or the use of force. We’re being called towards cooperation, not competition. These are the only way we will come out winning in the end, and for the long term.

The solution is at our core

The only real solution for each person on an individual level is to, initially, look inwards. What responses come up for us when something challenging comes our way?

  • Do we retract in horror?
  • Do we collapse in a heap of helplessness?
  • Do we lash out in anger?
  • Do we make it all about us and ignore whomever else is involved?
  • Do we feel the urge for violence or inflicting abuse, whether physical or verbal?

Or do we know how to actually manifest within ourselves a state of mind that produces a response that is effective, that is sustainable, that has the potential to bring about an effect that is not only beneficial for us, but beneficial for those whose lives we touch, and for the world at large, now and in the foreseeable future?

  • Do we have a reserve of inner harmony and peace from which to view our circumstances?
  • Do we know, innately, that approaching a situation from a place based in fear will never result in a viable, real, lasting solution?

The only true, viable, sustainable, long-term solution can come from a place of harmony, cooperation, and yes, as cliche as it may sound to some, a place of love.

Gain access to your inner power

Love is so much more than the sappy cliche our modern use of language has turned it into.

It’s not a watered-down, wishful theme on the inside of greeting card, or a hippy-dippy mantra plastered on the side of a Volkswagen bus. And it is not about looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.

No matter the size or severity of the issue, a solution based in the frequency of love is truly the ultimate answer. The frequency of love is an energy, a vibrational signature, from within which all things can be seen through fresh eyes, solutions can be created, healing can begin.

If you haven’t experienced love in this way, then that doesn’t mean this perspective is wrong; rather, it means you have yet to consciously experience the truth about the vast, powerful frequency that love – in its true form – actually is.

It’s actually a place of great power, spiritual-multidimensional power, because its core essence is the fundamental creative energy from which the universe was born. How to unleash this power? Gain access to it by starting with your own inner transformation. From there, from that place rooted in the true form of universal, creative energy, anything is possible.

The blessing of duality

When the energies of transformation are present, all is brought to the light. But in the light so, too, can the shadow become darker. Ultimately, however, even while this kind of alchemy can amplify suffering for the shadow side while the light is getting brighter, this kind of transformation is a good thing, a very good thing.

It’s not a matter of looking at what’s bad and what’s good, or what’s wrong and what’s right, it’s about looking at what still needs to be healed and transformed, and what has already seen the light of awakened consciousness.

What colors are coming to the surface for you in this time of awakening and transformation?